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Avoid Making These Mistakes When Considering Divorce

By Leslie Fineberg on October 24, 2013

Chicago Family LawA marriage is usually a joyful, memorable event, but its counterpart, divorce, is memorable in a wholly different way. Due to the nature of divorce, it is only natural for disputing spouses to go through strong emotions while dealing with the marriage dissolution process. However, emotions can make for bad decisions, which can in turn lead to more anguish down the line.

It is important for a divorcee to think clearly at pivotal points during the process and avoid making these five common mistakes.

  1. Not consulting with a financial expert. When it comes to the division of assets, you want to be making informed decisions, not rash ones. Meet with an advisor and discuss your circumstances and goals. Reach a financial plan that is optimal for you.
  2. Not having a clear picture of your situation before starting on the divorce process. Be patient and get all of your things in order before you tell your spouse you want a divorce. This may seem deceitful, but it is not. You are only looking out for your interests, your future.
  3. Not having a full understanding of your reasons for divorce. The better understanding you have of your reasons for divorce, the easier and more efficient the process will be. You do not want to be lingering in states of doubt or confusion while dealing with important legal and financial issues.
  4. Voluntarily leaving your job position or cutting back on hours. Judges look down on “willful underemployment,” as they believe higher earning spouses engage in this behavior to avoid higher alimony and support payments. You may just end up having to pay for alimony and child support you cannot afford. Stick with your work.

If you are currently preparing for divorce, you should consult with an experienced attorney who can draw up an extensive exit plan that covers all your bases. With the help of a Chicago family law attorney from Nottage and Ward, you can protect your assets, your relationship with your children, and your future. Set an appointment with us today by calling (312) 332-2915.

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