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Extending 4th of July Holiday: Marital Histories of our Founding Fathers

By Nottage and Ward on July 6, 2012

Although the Fourth of July holiday has passed, the family law attorneys at Nottage and Ward in Illinois would like to take a moment to relate less common information about our nation’s history, specifically about our Founding Fathers, as provided by The Huffington Post.

Not many people think about the marital histories of our Founding Fathers. Having made such a significant impact on the history of the United States, many people may forget that our Founding Fathers were regular people, with wives, children, and their own views on the institution of marriage. And so, in celebration of the men that contributed so much to shape the nation, here is a rare glimpse into them as regular people:

  • Benjamin Franklin – Spoke very highly of marriage, even saying that a man and woman united makes a truly complete human being, but he notoriously surrounded himself with young, attractive women, though supposedly for no more than “amorous friendship.”
  • George Washington – Married and faithful to his wife Martha Dandridge Custis, though had affections for Sally Fairfax, which were never acted on once he married.
  • John Adams – Had a faithful, happy, and loving marriage to his third cousin Abigail.
  • Thomas Jefferson – Married, but also infamous for having fathered six children with his “slave concubine” Sally Hemings, whom he eventually freed (but not their mother).
  • John Jay – Happily and faithfully married to Sarah Livingston.
  • James Madison – Devoted to his widow wife, Dolley Payne.
  • Alexander Hamilton – Resigned from office after a scandal erupted concerning his infidelity.

Whether celebrity or regular citizen, marriage can be successful or troubled, but it is important to remember that you are not left alone to deal with marital issues. The dedicated divorce attorneys in Chicago at Nottage and Ward are committed to helping those trying to make the best decision concerning their marriage get the information they need to make the right choice. If you are considering divorce in Illinois, call us today for a consultation at (312) 332-2915.

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