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Five Things to Keep in Mind during Divorce

By Nottage and Ward on October 9, 2013

The divorce process can get quite hectic and leave those involved emotionally and mentally drained by the end of each day. Especially turbulent divorce cases can last for years and incur legal costs of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, there are ways for former spouses to keep the process civil, clean, and efficient so all parties can come out intact and in relative peace with one another.

Communication is Key

Just because a marriage ends doesn’t mean you and your former spouse should cut all communication. In fact, open communication should be retained so all familial, legal, and financial issues can be hashed out through discussions and fair compromises, making the divorce easier for everyone involved.

Don’t Forget the Children

Messy divorces do not affect only the spouses, but also their children. Do not lose sight of family, even when procedures get intense and emotional. The purpose of a divorce is to improve family situations, not worsen them.

Remain Civil and Kind

Try not to think of your former spouse as an opponent or an enemy. After the divorce, he or she will still remain a very large part of your life as a co-parent and family member. It is best to maintain civil relations with him or her.

Look to Alternatives

A divorce does not have to involve a courtroom and pricey litigation. More and more states are incorporating alternative procedures for divorce – such as mediation and collaborative practice – that allow prospective divorcees to have more privacy and control in their affairs.

Consult with a Dependable Divorce Attorney

At the Chicago family law firm of Nottage and Ward, we provide our clients dependable guidance while keeping the wellbeing of their families in mind. If you need help navigating the complicated divorce process, call us today at (312) 332-2915, and we will do our best to provide answers to all of your questions.

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