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Post-Divorce Recovery May Just Take 7 Steps: Part 2

By Nottage and Ward on February 20, 2012

In last week’s blog post, we discussed the first four steps of coping post-divorce by using the Vendetta Technique, which was developed by celebrity weight-loss coach Valerie Orsoni. Today we present the last three steps to move on with your life, happily and confidently, after divorce:

  • Step 5: The Vendetta Diet – There is strong correlation between looking good and feeling good, and vice versa. It gives you confidence that you may have lost after the divorce. Toss out all junk food, fill the fridge with fresh and natural foods, especially veggies, and establish a new exercise routine, even if it is just taking a walk with your friends every day.
  • Step 6: Reward Yourself – You’ve set up goals, now create your own Vendetta Treasure Chest, a box with promise notes for rewards, like “Buy new shoes” or “Get motorcycle riding lessons,” when you reach those goals. Once the Treasure Chest is empty, you’ve reached all your goals and have achieved your Vendetta.
  • Step 7: Time to Celebrate! – Throw a party for yourself with your closest friends, take a trip, or even symbolically destroy all memorabilia of your ex that you don’t want any more to celebrate achieving your goals.

The important thing to remember after a divorce is that you have the power to rebuild your life, whether it is with these steps or in a completely different way. Unfortunately, the more contentious the divorce typically means the more difficult the recovery process. If you and your spouse are headed towards divorce in Illinois, our knowledgeable Chicago divorce lawyers at Nottage and Ward can help you through the divorce process without undue stress or frustration. For a consultation, call us today at (312) 332-2915.

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