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Sponsors of Illinois Same Sex-Marriage Bill Apologize to Same-Sex Families

By Jeffrey Knipmeyer on June 24, 2013

Leading sponsors of the Illinois same-sex marriage bill that failed to be considered for a vote in the past legislative session of the Illinois House of Representatives formally apologized to same-sex families and others who supported the legislation. As reported on June 17, 2013, by, the apology was extended to families who had traveled to Springfield as the session was coming to a close and were anticipating an historic vote. The apology included a pledge to same-sex families that the fight is not over until there is equality for all families in the state. According to the statement, marriage equality will happen.

The statement of apology was signed by 16 lawmakers including the bill’s sponsor, Representative Greg Harris. Harris’ leadership has been under scrutiny ever since the Illinois House of Representatives failed to take up the same-sex marriage bill before the adjournment of the 2013 spring session. Harris had previously promised to call the measure to a vote and then failed to do so. Harris has blamed the lack of a vote on colleagues who wanted additional time to meet with constituents to discuss the issue.

The Illinois same-sex marriage bill will probably not be debated again until the fall veto session that starts in November. There is, however, a slight chance that the bill, which has been signed into an extension until August 31, might be considered if Governor Pat Quinn calls a special legislative session during the summer. The bill’s supporters had hoped to see Illinois become the 13th state to make same-sex marriages legal.

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