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Ending a marriage is one of the biggest decisions that someone can make. However, while divorce is an emotionally charged and difficult process to go through, some couples find that mediation can help significantly in the division of assets, child allocation, and financial agreements. With mediation, divorcing spouses may find that courtroom litigation is not necessary for their situation. To discuss your family law matter, contact a Chicago family law attorney at Nottage and Ward, LLP at (312) 332-2915.

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What Is the Value of Mediation?

Illinois requires mediation for the resolution of child allocation issues before they can be addressed by a judge. Otherwise, mediation in Illinois is an option for divorcing couples to utilize, which requires a both spouses to sit down with a trained professional to discuss the situation at hand. A mediator does not have a stance or vested interest in the outcome of the mediation. He or she is there only to help the couple come to voluntary conclusions regarding the details of the divorce. In most cases, issues that are covered in mediation are:

While mediation is appropriate for some couples, it is not an option for every couple. Depending on the circumstances of the divorce, spouses who cannot find a common ground or who cannot control their emotions in a mediated setting may be advised to seek separate legal counsel.

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Will You Need an Attorney During Mediation?

In many cases, mediators are not attorneys; therefore, it is of utmost importance for divorcing couples to consult with an experienced family law attorney during the mediation process. Agreements that spouses may come to during mediation are legally binding and oftentimes, spouses do not understand the laws that go into developing legal divorce agreements.

At Nottage and Ward, LLP, we practice family law and family law only. We understand that a divorce in Illinois is not easy. In fact, it many instances, it can be very ugly. However, if you and your spouse find that divorce is imminent and believe that mediation may be an option for you, our Chicago family law attorneys have the resources you need.

Our lawyers think about your future. We want to ensure that you understand the actions outlined in the mediation agreements that you and your spouse have developed. We work with trained mediators on a regular basis and can be there for you to make sure that your legal agreement is both suitable and in compliance with all applicable Illinois laws.

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Contact a Chicago Mediation Litigator

Since 1988, Nottage and Ward, LLP, has established itself as a top-of-the-line Illinois divorce and family law firm. With an unparalleled understanding of family law, our attorneys can provide a unique and realistic approach to each client, with sensitivity to their present and future financial and emotional requirements. Should you decide that divorce is the only path you can take, Nottage and Ward, LLP, can ensure that your needs are recognized and taken care of. For more information, contact us at (312) 332-2915.

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Five Stars5 Leslie has been the strongest representation I could ask for

Leslie has been the strongest representation I could ask for in a very complicated, emotional matter. She has continuously looked out for my best interest and the best interest of my son. She is always prompt in getting back to me and in keeping me well informed about my case.

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