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Jeffrey Knipmeyer brings a broad range of legal expertise and experience to the firm. Jeffrey previously served as a State's Attorney, primarily litigating child support, child abuse, and neglect cases. Before joining Nottage and Ward, LLP, Jeffrey worked for 7 years in a general litigation firm, where he not only honed his expertise in divorce, custody, child support, and juvenile matters, but also acquired a diverse knowledge in a full range of other legal areas: estate planning and administration, criminal defense, personal injury, juvenile, insurance, and real estate. Jeffrey was also frequently appointed as a Guardian Ad Litem.

Jeffrey's prior experiences give him a unique perspective in addressing all of a client's legal needs and concerns; this translates into an advantage for Jeffrey's clients in resolving their cases and moving forward into the future. At Nottage and Ward, LLP, Jeffrey contributes not only his wealth of litigation experience and expertise in family law matters, but also his practical, common sense approach to issues, as well as his courtroom-tested toughness.

Jeffrey graduated from DePaul University College of Law in Chicago in 1996. Jeffrey is a member of the American Bar Association and the Chicago Bar Association.

Family Law From Jeffrey’s Perspective

Why family law?

The goal of the law, and of lawyers as advocates, should be to assist people in improving their lives. Having practiced in many different areas of law during my career, I came to realize that family law is the practice area where attorneys make the biggest difference in the personal lives of their clients. It is also the area of law where I can vividly see the product of my work from the beginning of a case to the end, and when it is over, I know that I have helped a client survive a very traumatic situation.

What can clients expect when they work with you?

It is always important for an attorney to remember that the case is about the client, not the attorney. The most important things an attorney can do for a client are to be prepared, be flexible, and communicate. My clients should know that when they meet with me, when I communicate with opposing counsel, or when I make a court appearance, I will be thoroughly prepared to represent their position – clients, other attorneys, and judges all know when an attorney is, and is not, prepared.

Because each client has a different personality, comes from a different background, and presents me with a set of circumstances unique to them, it is important that I am flexible in how I deal with clients – one client may need more of my time to talk through the emotional aspect of going through the dissolution process, while another client may just need me to get them into court and complete the process.

Finally, the process cannot work and the client will not be satisfied with my representation if we are not always on the same page. Thus, it is imperative that I communicate well with my clients and that they communicate well with me.

Why Nottage and Ward, LLP?

Nottage and Ward, LLP, provides a unique environment in which to practice law – we are a small, boutique firm with the ability to handle any case, against any firm. There is a lot of experience and a well-deserved reputation behind the name Nottage and Ward, LLP. After 5 minutes in the office, you can sense the confidence that comes with our experience and reputation. At the same time, there is no pretense. Everyone is friendly, straight-talking, and dedicated to the job we do. The people who work here want to work here and that makes all the difference.

Testimonials From Jeffrey’s Clients and Colleagues

Testimonial from Jessica...

Jeff helped me through a long and protracted divorce. His patience and unerring knowledge and instincts were of great benefit to me. He is a smart, funny man..with killer instincts! I recommend him and his talents with no reservations.

Testimonial from Terri...

Jeff and his partners/firm were a great help in keeping track of numerous details and complications in a very messy divorce action. My case covered a 16 month period, but included 19 appearances in court during 1 calendar year. Multiple financial consultants were used to collect and correlate background information. Jeff was able to compile their results and to convey an overview of it for me. Jeff understood that I needed to know what was happening and updated me routinely. My inquires were always promptly, clearly and professionally answered. Due to the unusual circumstances of the case, there were many times that Jeff had to research issues and react quickly to problems that occurred. He often conferred with other members of his team to reach a decision. I felt comfortable that Jeff could handle my case and would protect my future interests related to maintenance and property issues. Jeff's partners and his firm recommended several professionals to me for use in tax and financial planning that were very knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend Jeff and his firm for any friends that would need the services of a divorce attorney.

Testimonial from Shahrad Milanfar, Mediator, Partner, Becherer Kannett & Schweitzer...

Jeff is a smart and knowledgeable attorney who genuinely cares about his clients. He has a keen understanding of their legal and emotional needs. Jeff's approach to his practice makes him an effective advocate for his clients. Our profession would benefit from having more attorneys like Jeff.

Testimonial from C.H.L...

Jeff is an excellent and efficient advocate with superlative knowledge in his field. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a dedicated and effective lawyer.

Testimonial from Tracy C...

Jeff is an amazing attorney. He goes above and beyond to understand the issues affecting his clients. Jeff is smart enough to understand the big picture in a divorce, without forgetting about the details. He is very knowledgeable about the law, and is very aggressive, creative, and thorough in fighting for his clients. I can confidently recommend Jeff to anyone seeking an attorney for a divorce or related matter.

Testimonial from Mary M...

Jeff is honest, compassionate and incredibly smart. He has a keen ability to see all options and possibilities which is what makes his strategic decisions so effective. He is deliberate and detail oriented. My advice? Hire him before your spouse does!

Testimonial from Fred Lieber, Partner, Russell Novak & Company, LLP...

Jeff is a highly competent Family Law attorney combining keen legal skills, common sense, judgment and compassion. Jeff's personal qualities, concern for his clients and attention to the specifics of each matter place him high up on the list of the top Family Law attorneys in Chicago.

Testimonial from Rodney O...

I am impressed by the philosophy and approach of Jeffrey in the very difficult area of Divorce. The combination of Jeffrey's style and experience makes him one of the top lawyers in Divorce. I would recommend contacting Jeffrey to those considering Divorce.

Testimonial from Doug T...

I couldn't have made a better choice. Jeff's unparalleled knowledge and instincts made me very confident with every decision, every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone not looking to leave anything to chance.

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Client Reviews

Five Stars5 Leslie has been the strongest representation I could ask for

Leslie has been the strongest representation I could ask for in a very complicated, emotional matter. She has continuously looked out for my best interest and the best interest of my son. She is always prompt in getting back to me and in keeping me well informed about my case.

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Avvo Top Contributor Family Law - Jeffrey Knipmeyer
Avvo Top Contributor Divorce Law - Jeffrey Knipmeyer