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Elite Attorneys Tackle Big-Money Breakups

Chicago Sun-Times
August 6, 2000
by Abdon M Pallasch

"...Nottage ... lambaste[s] what they call 'the good ol' boys' of the profession, who they say prefer to settle cases by gentlemen's agreements behind closed doors at clients' expense and who resent Nottage's ... willingness to go all the way to trial.';

Nottage & Ward, the largest female-owned divorce law firm.

Age: 51
Years in biz:
24; 21 in divorce
Famous clients:
Gary Payton (Seattle Supersonics)

Strangest things clients fought over: Pet visitation with two Siamese cats; out-of-circulation Walt Disney movies

Most memorable cases: There was one case I won everything. I had a great judge, great client, great facts, expert witness. Once in 25 years. It was an $8 million to $10 million estate. The husband was offering a million. We ended up with a little over 50 percent. It was a 30-year marriage.

Pet peeve: (The all-male old guard) don't want to try cases—they hate it. What I like best is when I can keep people out of the trial. But you have to be ready to do that. That means the other lawyers have to do a little work. That's where we get the reputation of playing hardball. We're pushing the case.

Marital status: I'm lucky—I've been married since 1978. I tease my husband and say he looks better every day compared to what I see.

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