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Types of Adoption Available to Illinois Families

By Nottage and Ward on January 17, 2013

Adoption can be a loving and rewarding opportunity for couples who are unable to have or choose not to have their own biological children. That same opportunity is available for step-parents, other relatives, and same-sex couples.

Family law attorneys who help clients with adoption laws and steps to adoption understand that adoption can be a complex process requiring a great deal of serious forethought.

Courtesy of the Adoption Center of Illinois, the following types of adoption are available to Illinois residents:

  • Domestic Waiting Adoption or Special Needs Adoptions can be arranged through private agencies or through the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services (IDCFS). IDCFS is responsible for issuing licenses to adoptive parents. IDCFS also holds child guardianship.
  • In Family Adoptions relatives adopt children. An Illinois agency might become involved if the child is currently in foster care. Family adoptions are handled privately by an attorney and usually do not require a home study. Step-parent Adoptions are also handled privately with the help of a family law attorney.
  • In cases of Domestic Infant Adoptions, the biological parents normally give up their parental rights. If rights are not voluntarily relinquished, an agency can assume guardianship of the child. The process is privately handled with the help of an attorney and includes biological parents and adoptive parents. Some expenses of the birth mother can be allowed by the court to be paid by the adoptive parents.
  • The Inter-Country Adoption process is more complex and takes longer than does a domestic adoption. The adoption is finalized in Illinois and in the child’s native foreign country. An Illinois agency is required to license the adoptive family.

The Illinois family law attorneys at Nottage and Ward are experienced at handling multiple types of adoption cases. We understand adoption law in Illinois. We can guide you through an often complicated process. Call (312) 332-2915 for a consultation.

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