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Illinois Delegates Happily Approve of Democrats’ Support of Gay Marriage

By Nottage and Ward on September 24, 2012

The Democratic Party made big news when it adopted a presidential platform that embraces marriage equality for same-sex couples. Gay marriage has been the topic of much debate on a state and federal level and, for same-sex couples in Illinois, the issue has gone to court where a lawsuit against the State’s discriminatory marriage law is pending. While the law in Illinois gets sorted out, Illinois delegates are proud to support a political party that supports equal rights.

According to an article on, two Illinois delegates, a same-sex couple from Chicago, are very hopeful of the Democratic platform embracing gay marriage; not just because such a stance is a huge leap forward towards equality for all Americans, but because it hits very close to home.

The Chicago couple met 16 years ago and entered into a civil union soon after the law took effect in June 2011. The issue of gay marriage is not just a matter of equal rights for them, though, as it directly affects their lives. Although advocating for President Obama to directly come out and declare his support of gay marriage, the couple prefers the way the President made his declaration of support, not an impulse, but a teaching moment which evolved over time, garnering support each step of the way.

While the Illinois delegates have high hopes regarding the national debate over equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, their more immediate concern is what is happening in their home-state. Currently, two Democrats and nine Republicans have filed briefs in support of the current ban on gay marriage in Illinois. How much this will impact the proceedings has yet to be determined, however.

It is difficult to know what your rights are, as well as what they’re not, when laws are in a state of potential change. If you have questions or concerns, or are considering entering into a civil union in Illinois, the experienced civil union lawyers at Nottage and Ward can help. Call us today for a consultation at (312) 332-2915.

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