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What Halloween Can Tell You about Your Marriage

By Nottage and Ward on October 27, 2011

In many marriages, it takes a long time before a spouse notices the signs that something in the relationship is off. Small, everyday signs can be shrugged off as coincidence, but when the holidays come around, the signs tend to become more obvious and difficult to ignore. According to The Huffington Post, Halloween may have the power to foretell whether a couple is heading toward divorce.

Holidays are traditionally spent together, with family, and many married couples have traditions for each of the year’s holidays. Halloween starts off the fall and winter holidays with couples decorating, taking their kids trick-or-treating, hosting a Halloween party, or even just staying home and doing nothing. Routine is not necessarily a bad thing, but if Halloween brings some unexpected changes, it may be a sign that the relationship is in trouble. These signs may include:

  • A sudden change or break in tradition;
  • A drastic change to more revealing or suggestive costumes; and
  • Detachment or separateness, such as spending Halloween apart or being unaffectionate and/or inattentive during gatherings.

Do these signs mean that the marriage is doomed? No, but they may mean that there is something wrong in the relationship. It is important that these signs never be ignored. If there really are serious relationship issues that need to be worked through, these signs, and others, should display the need for an honest discussion.

Deciding to get divorced is sometimes the only option for a deeply troubled and/or unhappy couple. If you believe divorce is the best option for you, contact the experienced Chicago divorce lawyers at Nottage and Ward. We can address all of your concerns and answer all of your questions. Call today at (312) 332-2915 for a consultation.

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