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Where Do Politics Fit into Marriage and Divorce?

By Nottage and Ward on November 8, 2012

The impact politics have on a married couple can be great or relatively non-existent; it all depends on the people and their relationship. But politics can easily destroy a marriage and ruin any relationship with your ex after divorce if you let it.

In Marriage

Oftentimes, common political views are one of the reasons why two people are in a relationship. You have the same opinions and vote for the same candidates and maintain the same position on propositions and other legislation. Occasionally, these political views change, and depending on how much and how the change is handled, such a shift in a couple’s dynamics can cause discord and potentially lead to divorce. You and your spouse do not have to have the same politics, but learning how to deal with contentious topics in a healthy way is necessary to maintain the relationship. It is best to keep an open mind and try to understand your partner’s views; this doesn’t mean that you have to agree with them, but even just trying to understand them may go along way.

In Divorce

Regardless of the reason for your divorce, differing political views can result in ongoing problems if you do not take care of it the right away. If your ex is a Republican and you are a Democrat but both have joint-custody of your children, how are you going to raise them? While it may be beneficial for your children to get both views until they are old enough to make their own political decisions, many parents do not want their children raised under one set of views or the other. If politics are important to you and your family, make sure you make them a point of discussion when coming up with your child custody and/or divorce agreement.

Making Important Decisions after Divorce

Knowing what is important and what isn’t can be confusing when you’re going through a divorce, which is why having experienced legal representation on your side can help. At Nottage and Ward, our divorce attorneys are committed to helping Illinois families get through divorce and move on with their lives. To learn more, call us at (312) 332-2915.

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