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Get Your Happiness Back After a Divorce

By Leslie Fineberg on July 18, 2013

The experienced Chicago divorce lawyers at the family law firm of Nottage and Ward know that the divorce process is tough for everyone. There are all kinds of disputes over assets and children that tend to bring out aggravation in the involved parties. The experience can seem endless at times, and one may feel emotionally drained and mentally exhausted by the end, but once the end comes, a new life comes with it.

Divorce party planner Lois Tarter of The Huffington Post advises newly divorced people to let go of the past and be active and productive with their time. She suggests these ten guidelines all divorcees should follow on their path to newfound happiness:

  1. Make peace with your ex. It is important to try and drop any hostility you may have against the ex. Hatred doesn’t do anyone much good.
  2. Get closer with your children. Divorce was not just stressful for you and your ex, but for your children, too. Spend time with them and let them know that you still love them.
  3. Begin dating. You’re single again. Start making new friends and keep your mind open to new mates.
  4. Go out more. Staying inside will only isolate you with your thoughts and the past. Go outside.
  5. Get a hobby. There is a countless amount of interesting things to do in this world. Now that you have more time to yourself, go learn or do something new.
  6. Help out the community. Nothing will fill you with a sense of purpose like getting involved with the community and making a difference for the people around you.
  7. Hang out with good friends. These are people who know you well. Seeing them after going through a difficult experience will do you good.
  8. Keep your mind off your ex. Move on. It wasn’t meant to be. Keep yourself excited about the future.
  9. Work hard. You’ll not only advance your career, but you’ll be too busy to think about the divorce.
  10. Go on a vacation. You can go with your kids or by yourself. Either way, a change of scenery will make you feel renewed.

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