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Men Do Not Grow Up Until They are 43 New Study Says

By Leslie Fineberg on June 18, 2013

No wonder the divorce rate is so high today. Men do not grow up until age 43. As reported by The Daily Record and published by, that age is 11 years later than when most women mature. According to research commissioned by Nickelodeon UK, both men and women agree that those ages are accurate. Study participants, both male and female, believed that women reach maturity several years sooner than men. Most agreed that, for women, 32 was the grown-up age.

Thirty percent of women participating in the study said that they had ended a marriage or a relationship due to their male partner’s lack of maturity. Forty-six percent of women said that they were involved or had been involved in relationships in which they felt they had to be a mother to their male partner. One-fourth of the women participating in the study said that they, not their male partners, made all the important decisions. Women believed they were the mature ones. They were two times as likely to feel as if they were the grown-ups in their relationships.

According to women participating in the study, seven male behaviors that demonstrated they were not yet grown up included the following:

  • Driving too fast and racing other cars away from stop lights
  • Listening to excessively loud music as they drive
  • Playing video games
  • Not being able to manage cooking even simple meals
  • Remaining silent during an argument
  • Enjoying playing practical jokes
  • Still relying on their mothers to make them meals or do their laundry

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