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Should You Go for Divorce Mediation?

By Nottage and Ward on August 8, 2015

Perhaps the most stressful and hurtful part of going through a divorce is struggling over the division of property and assets. Even couples that have remained friendly can begin arguing once money is at stake. Some couples are unable to agree on terms of the division of property or child custody. So, in the end, they let the courts decide. Others find it much more efficient and cost effective to work with a neutral third-party mediator who can facilitate a negotiation that could end in an amicable resolution.

Why mediation is preferable to going to court:

  • Mediation is less expensive. Instead of each spouse having to pay his or her own divorce attorney, both can share the cost of one mediator. Mediation also allows couples to avoid lengthy and expensive trials.
  • The court will not get the final say. During the mediation, the divorcing couple control the topics and have final say on important decisions.
  • You can speak your mind. The mediation process allows each person to discuss his or her priorities and desires with the mediator. Judges do not have time to hear every possible wish of the divorcing couple.
  • Privacy remains protected. During a court proceeding, a room full of strangers will have an opportunity to hear all of your problems, issues and financial matters. During mediation, your information will remain confidential.
  • Increased flexibility. There is no rigid court date when meeting with a mediator. A mediator will work with your schedule, including meeting evenings or weekends. Mediators can even work online through video-chat so that you don’t have to travel anywhere.
  • Children are protected. The last thing your children need to see is an argument between their parents in court. A mediator will keep the focus on the needs of the children.
  • It’s not about winning when you deal with a mediator. The goal is to resolve the issues together.

If you are about to enter divorce proceedings, make sure you understand all your legal rights and options. It may be possible to resolve your issues through mediation in a timely manner with minimal interference from the court. Contact an experienced Illinois divorce mediation lawyer who can help you.

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