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Subject of “Crazy Love” Documentary Dies

By Nottage and Ward on January 9, 2013

Linda Pugach, who was blinded when her lover allegedly arranged for lye to be thrown in her face, died on Tuesday, January 22nd, her husband told the Associated Press on Thursday, January 24th. The cause of death was heart failure. Linda’s story did not end with the vicious attack, however. She later made headlines for eventually marrying the man, Burton Pugach, who spent 14 years behind bars for hiring the men who attacked her when she was his girlfriend.

Burton Pugach was married at the time the crime was imprisoned. The attack became the sensational tabloid story of its day. Pugach was released from prison and convinced Linda to marry him in 1974 on live television. He referred to their story as a “fairy tale romance.” Filmmaker Dan Klores told the story in a 2007 documentary titled “Crazy Love.” Pugach had high praise for the documentary.

On Thursday Burton Pugach once again denied that he was involved in the attack, explaining that if it were true that he had hired thugs to commit the crime, Linda would never have married him.

Pugach told the AP reporter that his wife was admitted into the hospital on December 26th, 2012, two days before a planned trip to Florida to purchase property together.

Linda Pugach’s body was interred in a crypt in Paramus, New Jersey Thursday.

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