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Attorney Leslie Fineberg Explores Pre- and Post-Divorce Parenting Issues

By Nottage and Ward on June 29, 2012

Regardless of the type of divorce, whether it is a heated court battle or amicably mediated, when there are children involved, a parent must do all he or she can to ensure a positive adjustment. Leslie Fineberg, an experienced divorce lawyer in Chicago at the Illinois family law firm of Nottage and Ward, has years of experience in helping divorcing couples come to the best arrangement for their children, but there is so much more that can affect how a child adjusts to his or her new lifestyle than the divorce agreement.

Having happy well-adjusted children after divorce is absolutely possible, but a parent needs to keep certain things in mind in order to make sure it is a positive transition. An article in The Huffington Post provides some good advice for parents who want to make sure they are doing right by their children while they go through divorce.

The main goal is to have a positive attitude about yourself and your ex. Your children love the both of you and ongoing conflict or disrespect toward their other parent can hurt your children. If your divorce was particularly contentious, it may be difficult to move past the negative feelings you are harboring for your ex and/or your marriage. But for the sake of the children, both you and your spouse need to try your best to let go of these negative emotions. When both parents treat each other with respect, it will create a much more positive environment for the children.

Helping your children adjust positively after a divorce is not just about working with and/or forgiving your ex, it’s also about moving on in positive ways yourself. If you are happy in the new direction your life is taking, that happiness will have positive effects on your children.

Divorce becomes much more complicated when children are caught in the middle, but that does not mean that divorce cannot end positively for both parents and children. If you want to make sure your children are given the best arrangement after divorce, dedicated Chicago child custody attorney Leslie Fineberg can help. Call Nottage and Ward today for a consultation at (312) 332-2915.

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