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Marriage Equality Supported by Star of “The Amazing Spider-Man”

By Jeffrey Knipmeyer on May 6, 2013

Actor Andrew Garfield, star of last year’s “The Amazing Spider-Man,” has told The Times of London that he is in favor of the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Courtesy of The Huffington Post, Garfield told The Times that there can be no argument against equality.  Same-sex couples should have the same rights as anyone else.  How could anyone argue against understanding and compassion?  Garfield is in favor of marriage equality, an important national issue in a Supreme Court debate, as well as an Illinois issue still under consideration in the Illinois legislature.

Prior to appearing in his first movie role in the 2007 production of “Lions for Lambs,” Garfield played a number of roles on stage and on TV.  The actor, age 29, made the comments at the London revival of “Beautiful Thing.”  Garfield will once again be starring in the Spider-Man role in sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man.”  In a previous role, he starred in a 2006 production of Jonathan Harvey’s “Beautiful Thing.”  The play documents the loving relationship between two teen boys who are growing up in Thamesmead, in Southeast London.

About the play, Garfield said its beauty is in its simplicity.  It is a story about how you can be transformed by love.  That is the case no matter whether you are gay, lesbian, straight—whoever.

On February 5, 2013, United Kingdom Parliament members voted in favor of marriage equality by passing the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill by a vote of 400 to 175.

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