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New Queen’s University Study Links Life Expectancy and Divorce

By Nottage and Ward on April 16, 2012

A recent study released by Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, has established a correlation between life expectancy and the likelihood of divorce, according to The Huffington Post. The study’s author, a post-doctoral fellow in the math department of Queen’s University, states that “the actual life expectancy of a province or a health region can predict when men and women get married” and the rate at which they divorce.

The study focused on the relationship between life decisions and lifespan. During the research process, population statistics were compared with birth records, marriage certificates, and other court documents. In the U.S., Census data collected by Ohio’s Bowling Green State University identified that the baby boomer divorce rate has jumped more than 50 percent over the last 20 years, even though the national divorce rate has stabilized. This statistic is very telling and points to a tendency for people to not tolerate being unhappy in marriage as they live longer.

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Newt Gingrich Tries to Appease Public Concerns about Unsavory Marital Past

By Nottage and Ward on March 16, 2012

Since he began his campaign for the Republican Presidential Nominee seat, Newt Gingrich has faced much criticism for his marital past, but this criticism is not solely because he has been married and divorced multiple times and had affairs during those marriages. It is because he presents himself to be of strong moral character, when, in fact, his actions hint at something different. How can a man convince the American people of the importance of family values and the sanctity of marriage when his own values, based on his own actions, appear to be inconsistent with his public proclamations?

As the race continues, Gingrich is reminding voters that he has sought God’s forgiveness for the sins he has committed in his life, according the The Huffington Post. Whether or not voters believe he has wholeheartedly sought redemption for the wrongs he committed is uncertain. Gingrich’s second ex-wife recently went public with details of his actions during their marriage, including having an affair with the woman who is now his current wife, seeking an open marriage arrangement to continue the affair (which he continued anyway), and divorcing her when she became ill.

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Post-Divorce Recovery May Just Take 7 Steps: Part 1

By Nottage and Ward on February 14, 2012

Getting over a divorce is a long emotional process, whether it was a mutual decision or not. Every person has their own methods of coping with divorce, and no one way is the right way, but wallowing in depression should never be one of those methods. If you have recently been divorced and are trying to find a way to be happy with yourself and your life again, the Vendetta Technique, developed by celebrity weight-loss coach Valerie Orsoni, may be the way, according to Shape magazine. In this two-part blog series, we will be outlining the essential seven steps of this technique and how they can help you move on with your life in a healthy way.

The goal of the Vendetta Technique is to drive yourself to becoming a better and healthier person, not to actually hurt your ex, but to gain control of your life and your emotions. These are the first four of the technique’s seven steps:

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Frank and Jamie McCourt May Be Headed to Resolution Regarding Dodgers Ownership

By Nottage and Ward on April 8, 2011

The Los Angeles Times reports that Frank and Jamie McCourt are working quietly to settle their high-profile divorce, which has grabbed national headlines. The infamous case involves ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

According to the article, a court hearing scheduled for April 11 was delayed to May 11 at the request of Jamie McCourt, who asked that Frank be ordered by the court to provide her with financial documentation of the business operations of the Dodgers. However, the adjustment also grants both parties more time to concentrate on negotiating an agreement to end their contentious divorce, which began in late 2009 after almost 30 years of marriage.

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