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Difficulties of a High Profile Divorce in Chicago

Divorce is difficult enough when it involves only you and your spouse. When a high-profile person or couple is involved, however, the stakes are even higher. High-profile divorce combines the stress of divorce with the constant balancing act of being in the spotlight, making the representation of an experienced and discreet Illinois divorce lawyer more important than ever.

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Complex Aspects of a High Profile Divorce

Some aspects of divorce proceedings are bound to confidentiality under Illinois state and federal law. For example, your discussions with the divorce lawyer who represents you are confidential, as are discussions with medical professionals who may be helping you and any sessions with a mediator to work out divorce issues. Many discussions and issues that arise during divorce proceedings, however, are not automatically private.

When considering or negotiating a high-profile divorce, you and your spouse might consider using confidentiality agreements to provide an extra layer of protection against gossip or media leaks. Confidentiality agreements protect your discussions with certain professionals, including accountants or business valuation professionals. These documents can also be used to remind family members, friends and staff that the divorce issues are not to be discussed and that consequences will result if your trust is broken. Confidentiality agreements also hold you and your spouse responsible for keeping your divorce proceedings private.

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What Is a Confidentiality Agreement?

A confidentiality agreement can also protect you and your spouse before the marriage and after a high-profile divorce is final. Confidentiality agreements can protect the contents of a pre- or post-nuptial agreement or a modification of a divorce decree. They can also remind you and your spouse that your divorce should remain private even after it is over. In addition to confidentiality agreements, the experienced Chicago high-profile divorce attorneys at Nottage and Ward, LLP can help you request privacy protections from the court, including limiting the records filed in the proceedings and protections keeping media cameras and microphones out of the courtroom.

A high-profile divorce may also involve complex divorce-related matters, including the value of multiple homes, businesses, and significant investment or retirement portfolios. Determining which spouse is entitled to what during a divorce may require expert assistance, including detailed business valuations and careful accounting of financial information. When it comes to choosing the professionals who provide the information for your divorce, you need the best. At Nottage and Ward, LLP, our Chicago business valuations lawyers will not only work with experts to determine an equitable arrangement, but will also help you find assistance from experienced psychologists and other professionals to ensure that you and your children have the support you need during a difficult process.

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Creating exit strategies for our clients is one of many things we're good at. No client needs a smooth and discreet exit strategy more than one attempting to dissolve a high-profile marriage. Our Chicago attorneys have practiced family law for over 30 years, focusing on development of experience in divorce, support, and custody issues. With Nottage and Ward, LLP, you will receive solid, facts-based representation that addresses your needs, respects your wishes, and protects your privacy. Contact us at (312) 332-2915 today to schedule an initial consultation and discuss how we can help you navigate a high-profile divorce.

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Five Stars5 Leslie has been the strongest representation I could ask for

Leslie has been the strongest representation I could ask for in a very complicated, emotional matter. She has continuously looked out for my best interest and the best interest of my son. She is always prompt in getting back to me and in keeping me well informed about my case.

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