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Getting an Order of Protection in Illinois

If you are in danger of suffering harm because of domestic abuse, the legal system can provide you with support and protection. You have the right to feel safe, and if you are being stalked, threatened or put in danger of abuse, you can pursue legal support. In Chicago, for example, you can request an order of protection.

Obtaining an order of protection from an Illinois court not only creates a record of domestic abuse, but also helps end future abuse. Whether you are a victim of domestic abuse or have been wrongly accused of committing domestic abuse, the Chicago order of protection attorneys at Nottage & Ward, LLP can help you. We can be reached at (312) 332-2915.

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What an Order of Protection Means

An order of protection is a court-issued order that prevents a person from engaging in any type of activity that may affect your safety and security. The court may order the person harassing you to completely stop all contact or limit contact. For example, instead of visiting you, the court may allow them only contact via email. The order of protection usually applies to all locations such as residence, place of work or school.

The court may also order the person harassing you to take other steps to make sure of your safety, like surrendering firearms or complete a court-approved domestic violence program. It's important to understand that this protective order is a civil order as opposed to a criminal proceeding. Orders of protection may be renewed once. You may choose to reapply for a new order of protection when the previous one expires.

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Why an Order of Protection is Crucial

In Illinois, an order of protection gives police the authority to get involved in the event of intimidation, harassment, or violent behavior. This is because, in Illinois, law enforcement may not be able to help you when isolated threatening acts happen without a valid order of protection. On the other hand, if your ex threatens you when you have an active order of protection which prohibits all contact, then the police will be able to make an arrest.

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Defining Domestic Violence

Domestic violence occurs when an ex-spouse or partner tries to physically or psychologically injure the other. The word "abuse" means physical abuse, use of force, harassment or intimidation. While some forms of domestic abuse don't involve physical violence, they may involve verbal threats, harassment or even stalking. Examples of domestic abuse include:

  • Reckless endangerment
  • Child abuse
  • Threatening to cause injury
  • Restraining someone
  • Trespassing
  • Emotional abuse

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Types of Protective Orders

There are different types of protective orders, depending on the circumstances of the case. Emergency orders are awarded immediately based on the victim's testimony and affidavit. These orders are effective for between 14 and 21 days. These orders are granted to prevent abuse which can happen to get even for legal action. Interim orders provide temporary protection for up to 30 days. The person accused of abuse or their lawyer must appear before a judge for a victim to obtain an interim order in Illinois. Plenary orders are granted only after both parties present their arguments at a hearing before a judge. Such an order may be effective for up to two years.

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Contacting an Experienced Lawyer in Chicago

In order to successfully obtain an order of protection, it's important to gather enough evidence of abuse and threat. The experienced Chicago family law attorneys at Nottage and Ward, LLP can help you secure evidence including victim testimony, evidence of injuries, police reports and medical records. If you are looking for information regarding an order of protection and would like to discuss your case, please contact us at (312) 332-2915 to schedule your consultation.

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