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Where Negotiation Doesn’t Work, Litigation Might

By Nottage and Ward on December 21, 2012

As an experienced family law attorney with the Illinois law firm Nottage and Ward, Leslie Fineberg has worked with a wide variety of divorcing couples. Some may be able to negotiate a divorce settlement through mediation; some may fight constantly and go straight to litigation; and some actually find advantages to both. The issues surrounding negotiation and litigation can be complicated, but the ultimate goal is the same. You want to finalize your divorce and move on with your life.

Depending on your relationship with the spouse you are planning to divorce, you may find that coming to a divorce agreement will work best one way rather than another. While coming to an agreement yourselves in mediation is always better than having a divorce order decreed by a judge, it is not always possible for constantly feuding couples. But how do you know what will work best for you?

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Family Law Attorney Leslie Fineberg Discusses Tips on Preparing for Separation during the Holidays

By Nottage and Ward on December 17, 2012

Knowing that you are heading towards separation or divorce after the holidays can make getting through the holidays more difficult, but the answer is not pretending it’s not going to happen or ignoring the holidays in order to prepare, especially when you have children. As an experienced Illinois family law attorney at Nottage and Ward, Leslie Fineberg encourages families to prepare for what lies ahead but to also remember that the holidays don’t have to be sacrificed, and shouldn’t be if you have children.

The Huffington Post offers some helpful tips for how you and your spouse can prepare for divorce or separation during the holidays:

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Trick or Treat? Spending Halloween with Your Kids after Divorce

By Nottage and Ward on October 17, 2012

It’s that time of year again. October has arrived, and with it is the start of the fall and winter holidays. Halloween kicks off the season, but this isn’t necessarily good news for recently divorced families. Family law attorney Leslie Fineberg and the legal team at Nottage and Ward recognize that the fall and winter holidays are typically the most difficult time of year for divorced families, which is why we have dedicated this three-part “Trick or Treat?” blog series to helping divorcing and already divorced families get through Halloween.

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Perspective from a Child of Divorce, Discussed by Family Law Attorney Leslie Fineberg

By Nottage and Ward on September 26, 2012

As an experienced divorce attorney in Chicago, Leslie Fineberg recognizes that there is no established set of rules that state how a child will react to or cope with the divorce of their parents. Of course, there are factors that can contribute to how a child handles divorce, including the way in which a child’s parents choose to tell them about it, but every child’s personality is different and therefore each will respond differently. There are some insights that can help adults and divorcing parents understand what children of divorce go through and how best to interact with them during divorce, however, and these insights come from children of divorce.

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Attorney Leslie Fineberg Discusses Important Steps to Settling Child Custody Quickly

By Nottage and Ward on July 25, 2012

As an experienced divorce attorney at Illinois family law firm Nottage and Ward, Leslie Fineberg has seen both contentious child custody cases that must be resolved in court, as well as child custody arrangements that are established through calmer mediation or other means. Ultimately, the best way to come to a custody arrangement quickly that suits the best interests of the child, as well as the interests of the parents, is through collaboration, mediation or other forms of personal negotiations between you and your spouse. When you leave it up to the court to decide your child custody case, chances are multiple parties will be unhappy with the result.

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Leslie has been the strongest representation I could ask for in a very complicated, emotional matter. She has continuously looked out for my best interest and the best interest of my son. She is always prompt in getting back to me and in keeping me well informed about my case.

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