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Second Parent Adoption

When one member of a same-sex couple gives birth to, fathers, or adopts a child, Illinois law allows the other member of the couple to adopt the child through a process known as co-parent adoption, same-sex parent adoption, or second parent adoption.

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What is Co-Parent Adoption?

Co-parent adoption creates a legally recognized relationship between the second parent and the child, which includes all the rights and responsibilities of any parent-child relationship. Same-sex parents who raise children together are already committed to caring for the children's daily needs, from food and clothing to schooling decisions and medical care. A co-parent adoption, however, gives the second parent the legal support and recognition he or she needs to provide all the parental support his or her children require.

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Why is Co-Parent Adoption Important?

A legal relationship between a child and both of his or her same-sex parents is especially crucial when a traumatic event rocks the family. Without that legal recognition, a parent who has raised and loved a child for years has no more legal rights than a stranger. When a child becomes seriously ill, a couple decides to separate, or a child's biological parent dies, having a second parent adoption in place allows the second parent to continue visiting, raising, and/or making important decisions for the child. Having these legal rights in place allows parents to focus on the needs of their loved ones, rather than on a court battle over who "counts" as family.

A co-parent adoption is an option whether one parent is biologically related to the child or whether neither parent is biologically related to the child. However, the distinction is that the couple decides to adopt one or more children together. Co-parent adoption may also be used if one parent goes through a domestic or international adoption, and the second parent wishes to adopt the child after the first adoption is complete. No matter the situation, a co-parent adoption ensures that both parents have the legal rights and responsibilities to ensure the children's safety, support, and well-being.

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What is the Co-Adoption Process in Illinois?

The process of a co-parent adoption is similar to the process required for other Illinois adoptions. The parent or parents seeking to adopt must file a petition with the court and may also be required to make one or more court appearances. In some cases, the court will require a home visit from a social worker to ensure that the family's home is reasonably safe and comfortable for children - for instance, that it has heat and that dangerous items are routinely kept out of the reach of young children. Throughout the co-adoption process, the experienced Illinois adoption attorneys at Nottage and Ward, LLP will stand by your side as you work to give your family the legal rights and recognition you deserve.

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Co-Parent Adoption Attorneys Keeping Chicago Families Together

Adoption is a life-affirming event. The Chicago co-parent adoption lawyers at Nottage and Ward, LLP don't use a "cookie-cutter" adoption process for every family. Rather, we see each adopting family as individuals, and we rely on years of dedicated family law experience to provide the representation, advice, and support that your particular family needs. Call Nottage and Ward, LLP at (312) 332-2915 today to see if our experience with adoption is right for your family.

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Leslie has been the strongest representation I could ask for in a very complicated, emotional matter. She has continuously looked out for my best interest and the best interest of my son. She is always prompt in getting back to me and in keeping me well informed about my case.

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